The beginning.

Oh, hey!

Yes, this is a Dev Blog made by the Dev Team behind NextCounts (A.K.A Nexy) to update you and everyone outside the Insider team (that can’t test what we’re building mwahahahaha) on what’s coming next to the website and their future versions and features.

We all have to start somewhere

What will this be used for?

Great question!

This blog will be used to update not only you, the public, but also the Nexy of the future on how to update the website and what’s next to be done on the website and its related services. I stopped using these feature boards websites (like Trello) to keep me updated, and every time I try to go back to using one, I end up forgetting about it in a week or so.

Maybe a blog will help, because I will have to keep this updated no matter what.

Will you post screenshots of the new versions and your progress with them?

Absolutely yes!

I’ve always wanted to share somewhere how I make NextCounts a reality, and when I say NextCounts I’m including NextStats, the NextCounts Browser extension and the Desktop App that I still plan on finishing sometime this year.

I just have to think a bit more on how to make it (the Desktop App) look and work, because I want to make it different than the website itself, make it so people would actually want to download and install the app on their computers.

When is the next blog post coming?

No idea lol